More Than One Path to College

Though attending college is just one of several post-high school options, it is certainly the most well-known. Pursing a college degree captures our attention because it involves a set of compelling possibilities mixed with demanding standards, requirements, and costs. In this article, rather than looking at the various virtues and vices of college, we parse five paths to college, and then suggest another possibility: entrepreneurship.

A Glorious Journey

I, along with the majority of classically educating homeschool parents, received a modern education in public K-12 schools. Most of us are making the choice to provide our children with an unknown yet compelling classical Christian education. We are together in a crucible of modern culture using classical tools. What has surprised me as a child of God, husband, and father is how classical education has overtaken my own spirit, mind, and emotions. I am discovering that this education is not just for my children.

Classical education has deepened and expanded my spiritual life. It began during a call with a Classical Conversations team leader over a year ago. She shared this: “My husband and I are starting a Bible study on Sundays using the classical tools of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric.” My mind raced: “What? You can do that? You can use these tools for Bible study?” During church now I regularly use a digital Bible app so that alongside the English scripture I see the original Hebrew (Old Testament passages) or Greek (New Testament passages) so that I can catch alternate meanings of words. Using this tool alongside classical tools like the five common topics, I have begun to make connections between original texts and started to have a richer experience of reading the Bible. Now I regularly discover insights based on even a limited understanding of Hebrew and Greek, and am able to contribute these during our Bible study discussions. Grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric are developing in my spirit in this way.

A Homeschool Parent’s Musings: What Is Christian Paideia and Why Does It Matter?

“Education as paideia is not preparation for life, for college, or for work; it is our inherited means of living fully in the present, while we grow in wisdom and in grace, in conscience and in style, entering gradually into ‘the good life.‘”1

My summer Parent Practicum just ended. On the last day, testimonies hailed how Classical Conversations changed families’ lives. The classical curricula fashioned finer homeschooling and the Christian emphasis complimented the home environment. Many emphasized how the community came alongside in various struggles and made them easier to bear.

These tales surpassed mere descriptions about classical education with Biblical ideals. They encompassed more than homeschooling techniques or the blessings of supportive friends. They tapped into our longing for something more. Through the stories, this longing kept surfacing, with glimpses, hopes, and desires for something more…but, longing for more of what?


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