Homeschool Counselor Network

"Launching our students well to the next step after high school."

My daughter was admitted to the college she wanted; now how do I pay for it?” - Homeschool dad

Network Benefits

  • Relate to other like-minded homeschool families whom you would otherwise never meet.
  • Navigate topics that don’t have easy or obvious answers: college, gap year, scholarships, online education, competitive sports, and more.
  • Hear over 50 years of collective homeschooling wisdom in stories, experiences and customized information.
  • Get input from Christian specialists on topics related to homeschooling through high school, into college or lifelong pursuits.

What are the features?

In the network, you will:

  • receive scholarship links with time to submit, saving you thousands of dollars (to in-state or nearby private colleges, or to enrichment programs)
  • access college leaders for special insights
  • make decisions with helpful tools
  • answers to your questions from like-minded parents
  • attend private online events
  • view recorded webinars on several post-graduation topics
  • scan comments by civil and morally-upright moderators

The guidance service that ​fits your schedule

Dads and moms have the authority and heart to guide their children best. (Eph 6:4; Deut 4:9) Experts and professionals have an important role in brief, high-intensity engagements; (access those services here. ) Too often the parents are the ones without available high-intensity time. Much gets forgotten.


Spread effort over time

With experts, parents expend a high amount of effort in a short period of time. With fellow subscribers, parents expend less effort over a longer period of time, with an equivalent result.

A subscriber service offers an alternative to the expert model by providing guidance counselor equipping for the parent in frequent repetition, longer duration, and lower intensity. Engagement with experts offers reduced repetition, shorter duration, higher intensity. Again, the latter is a useful service, but the former is also useful. It's possible that parents will remember more through the sustained engagement in the subscriber network. ​