How to convince your parents to homeschool

Include emotional appeals with the logic that goes with the benefits of homeschool. In your position as “daughter,” or “son,” you have a unique position to appeal to your mom and dad’s emotions. Get to the logic later.

Here are some suggestions to appeal to the emotions:

  • “We will have more time together.”
  • “We will learn together.”
  • “I think you are a great teacher, mom. Wouldn’t you like to teach me more?”

When they respond with logical questions, remember to return to the emotional appeals primarily (use 5 emotional appeal answers to every 1 logical answer.)

The logic of homeschool through high school is well documented by NHERI and Dr. Brian Ray, among others. What used to be a fringe activity is now 5% of all schooling, nearly equal to Charter Schools, and growing just as fast. Homeschool students who do their work actually learn more and have a happy life under the moral guidance of the parents. If a student does not do the work, then of course there is no learning! Don’t be like that. Commit to learning and you will.

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