I, along with the majority of classically educating homeschool parents, received a modern education in public K-12 schools. Most of us are making the choice to provide our children with an unknown yet compelling classical Christian education. We are together in a crucible of modern culture using classical tools. What has surprised me as a child of God, husband, and father is how classical education has overtaken my own spirit, mind, and emotions. I am discovering that this education is not just for my children.

Classical education has deepened and expanded my spiritual life. It began during a call with a Classical Conversations team leader over a year ago. She shared this: “My husband and I are starting a Bible study on Sundays using the classical tools of grammar, dialectic and rhetoric.” My mind raced: “What? You can do that? You can use these tools for Bible study?” During church now I regularly use a digital Bible app so that alongside the English scripture I see the original Hebrew (Old Testament passages) or Greek (New Testament passages) so that I can catch alternate meanings of words. Using this tool alongside classical tools like the five common topics, I have begun to make connections between original texts and started to have a richer experience of reading the Bible. Now I regularly discover insights based on even a limited understanding of Hebrew and Greek, and am able to contribute these during our Bible study discussions. Grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric are developing in my spirit in this way.