Spending Thanksgiving with homeshooling families

This Thanksgiving marks another occasion when our family will spend the day with five other homeschooling families. We spent last year’s T-day together; we will again tomorrow. I am looking forward to the day. Nothing substitutes for immediate relatives of course. These days with dispersed relatives, other opportunities become available, like spending a special holiday with families we see weekly with schooling.

Anchor in the Storm

The winds are currently calm outside as I sit at my desk but the cloud bands from an approaching hurricane have already begun to block the sun. The storm is inevitable. We have prayed and made preparations but that will not keep the gusts from beating our house as the circular monster kisses our coast sometime before dawn tomorrow. Homeschooling high school can sometimes feel like a hurricane. As our students approach middle school, we can feel the panic rising in our throats. We have so many questions and we doubt the adequacy of our preparations. After sailing these waters with our three young adults, the three anchors of diligent prayer, intentional preparation and joyful pondering, kept us grounded as the winds blew our little homeschooling boat.

Encouragement for a good education

When I walked into my house, Leigh Bortins was already standing in the dining room talking to my wife; interrupting herself in the middle of her own conversation she asked, “Is it ok if I dump a load of laundry in your washer?” She was traveling in Southern California to help jump start Classical Conversations on the west coast. Our little Long Beach campus was about to be the first one in the Golden State.


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