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Examine college profiles for attributes which fit your values, interests and budget. The top two questions by dads and moms in the college hunt are: 

  1. Does the school have the subject/major which my child wants to study?
  2. How much do these schools cost? 

School leaders, whether Directors of Admissions, provosts or presidents, each want to meet dedicated homeschooling moms and dads, and will find you here on this site. 

Homeschool counselor 2.0, which is the next generation of this site, is developing features and benefits for dads and moms, young people, and college officers in order to create better matches and more satisfaction with the search experience. 


Featured Colleges:

Greenville College

Your life will change when you get here. For the better. For a life of character and service.
For Christ.
We are a four-year, Christian college that provides a quality liberal arts education for over 1600 traditional, adult degree-completion and graduate students. We were founded in 1892 in Greenville, Illinois -- about 45 miles outside of St. Louis -- and are affiliated with the Free Methodist Church.

Evangel University

Evangel is an accredited, liberal arts university with more than 100 academic programs on the cutting edge of today’s professional fields. More importantly, Evangel is a college that prepares you academically and spiritually to go out and change the world.

Our commitment to the integration of faith, learning and life attracts students from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds. These students have a strong commitment to academics and an even stronger desire to combine their Christian faith with every aspect of their lives.