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Examine college profiles for attributes which fit your values, interests and budget. The top two questions by dads and moms in the college hunt are: 

  1. Does the school have the subject/major which my child wants to study?
  2. How much do these schools cost? 

School leaders, whether Directors of Admissions, provosts or presidents, each want to meet dedicated homeschooling moms and dads, and will find you here on this site. 

For dads, moms and students who are making choices for their schooling, Homeschool Counselor aggregates facts, resources, and extensive lists of institutions seeking a fit with their needs. Homeschool Counselor began with providing lists of Christian colleges in the Midwest, and is expanding those lists to North America, and later with international schools. Additional resources for military, gap year, missions, entrepreneurship, athletics and travel are being developed. 


Featured Colleges:

Central Baptist College

While we want to see our enrollment and campus continue to grow, our desire has been a will remain, as our mission states, "the integration of Christian faith and academic excellence...through a program characterized by academic rigor, practical experience and spiritual direction in a Christ-focused environment." Central Baptist College is committed to serving our student body by teaching, ministering and influencing each student's life in a very positive manner. We take this opportunity to influence our student's focus towards our Heavenly Father very seriously.

Gutenberg College

Rather than having large lecture classes, Gutenberg has small discussion-based classes. Rather than reading textbooks that describe the ideas of the great thinkers of the past, our students read the great thinkers’ works firsthand. Rather than being one of thousands of students studying at an impersonal institution, Gutenberg students are part of a small, family-like institution. And I could list more distinctives. But any such list of comparisons falls short of capturing the uniqueness of Gutenberg.